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6 Tips to Keep Your Boat Batteries Healthy

There's nothing quite like dead or dying batteries to ruin your boating fun. If battery failure catches you by surprise it can result in a range of problems from no morning coffee to bilge pumps that don't work.

  1. Make sure your batteries are secured with straps or boxes. Battery movement can interfere with connections and create fire risks.
  2. Test your batteries annually for depletion. Good marine technicians will have a commercial tester that tests the battery's resilience and condition and tells you where it is compared to its rated performance.
  3. Make sure your batteries are in a vented area to avoid build up of explosive and corrosive gases.
  4. Check the manual for your battery charger and confirm it supports the battery type you have installed.
  5. Avoid deep discharges which can deplete electrolytes, distort the battery and shorten battery life substantially.
  6. Install a battery isolator to isolate and prevent different banks from discharging at the same time, as well as to charge multiple batteries evenly.