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5 Reasons To Repower Your Boat

It's a situation all boaters dread, and one that most boaters will have to address at some point over the life of their boat - your old engine is coming to the end of its life, is becoming unreliable, and is costing too much to maintain.

Here are five common reasons for repowering a boat, whether you currently have a gas engine or an older diesel engine:

  1. Better Economy and Range: New diesel engines are more efficient and offer fuel savings over gasoline engines and older diesel engines. A new engine will provide much greater range over your current engine, opening the door to extended cruising and reducing stressful trips to the fuel barge - all without changing your existing fuel tanks.
  2. Improve Reliability: That good feeling you get when you can confidently trust your equipment regardless of the season, weather or elements. A new diesel package means everything is new, versus rebuilding which usually focuses on main components and reuses old peripheral and accessory equipment.
  3. Increase Resale Value: When it comes time to sell, a diesel powered boat with a newer diesel engine will be both more valuable and more desirable to any prospective purchaser.
  4. Improve Comfort: A boat with a new engine is going to perform better. There are likely to be weight and size advantages to the new engine, which will lead to reduced noise and vibration. This will deliver better driving pleasure and better manoeuvring.
  5. Reduce Environmental Impact: All power boaters want to make sure they have the least impact on the maritime environment. New diesel engines produce lower emissions and can reduce your environmental impact.

Are you considering investing in a new boat engine? Explorer Yacht Services can help you through this important decision. We are partnered with Yanmar, a leading manufacturer of marine engines for sailboats, power recreation boats, and commercial vessel operators.

For more information on this topic, Yanmar publishes The Boater's Guide to Successful Repowering or contact Explorer.